Not everyone can say they work in the same building as they did when they were 15. STS Car Care's long and exciting story offers just that.

In 1970 at age 15, Steve Pokorny was searching for his first paying job, which lead him to a car wash located in the same building he now owns. After graduating with a degree in Automotive Technology in 1977, Steve worked as a technician for Sun Service.

After becoming Lead and Service Manager, the family business that Steve was a part of moved to available space at 6819 West Florissant. Many successes were achieved, both civic and industry-wide during Steve's 34 years of management there.

That success also led to national awards, being named top shop nationwide, the invite to write tests for ASE and a number of teaching opportunities that allowed Steve to give back to a quickly-growing industry. In August 2006, Steve was approached with an offer to purchase the the business, but took a different route. He chose to start an all-new effort named STS - Service, Towing Storage. That company launched in January, 2007

In just three short years, with the help of his original employees: Terri, Jeff, Jerry and Tony Steve has now tripled his staff and overall operation.

On January 1st, 2009. at the very same address he started his employment career at so long ago, Steve continues his successes with a complete remodeled facility. The 8-bay shop with 3 technicians, a service manager and office support staff prides itself on handling customers and car services with the best car care customer service at the cleanest and best-equipped vehicle service center in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.