Professional and certified mechanics.

Dave C

They always give me very detailed diagnostic and the best suggestions for a repair.

Eltoreon H

They have the friendliest & most helpful people you will ever meet there - great service - they also have "free" coffee & danish

Deb W

STS provides excellent customer service. They are honest, fair, reasonable, and is not in business just to take your money. The staff is very knowledgeable and are very efficient. I would recommend this company to any and everyone that crosses my path.

Jamie H

I had a couple of my employees in St Louis driving through to texas when they ran into truck problems. We run a very tight schedule and a truck down makes a huge impact so when we need service, we need it from someone that understands our situation and gets the job done. So here's my long story. When my truck went down I thought it would be down for days so I brought another one down from Wisconsin. When I got there I realized the truck I brought wouldn't work (the guys already had our largest truck, a one ton dually GMC Sierra diesel, my 3/4 ton wouldn't do the job) I contacted the closest GM dealer to where the truck was and called a tow truck. The GM dealer assured and guaranteed me that they would have a lift ready to go when I got there and would get me out in a couple hours. My tow truck came from STS, and my tow truck driver was Tony (Tony is awesome!!!). Tony and I loaded my truck up and I then followed with the other truck down the road to the GM dealer to get it fixed. When we got there (15 minutes after I called again for reassurance that my truck would get right in) I was told to get the truck parked out back and they would get to it at the end of the day or first thing next day. WTF!!! I told Tony my disgust and thoroughly let the GM dealer know as well. Tony told me to call a number and ask for Drew, the Service Manager at STS. Tony also told me there was a guy there that loves working on Duramax diesels and is very good at what he does. I explained my situation and what I needed, and Drew said get it down here right away and we'll start immediately. Again I was assured and that's what I had to go with. When we got there we pulled into a large parking lot, that was beautifully clean, with a well maintained clean shop with busy people all over with smiles on their faces. Drew walked out to the tow truck and looked at my truck right away to see what we all needed, shortly behind him was the tech that likes the Duramax diesels and who was going to work on my truck (wish I remembered his name, another awesome employee at STS). The guys got a game plan, backed my truck up to the open bay like they promised they would, and got it off the truck and ready to be worked on. I went over a few things on my truck and then asked where to get some lunch (apparently there's a lot of fried chicken close by, we chose Subway down the road about a mile). The job on my truck (two tie rods and a few odds and ends) was a 2.4 hour flat rate job at the GM dealer so we figured we had some time to kill. We were gone for about an hour for lunch when we returned, and we returned to my truck already done and parked in a stall! I got top notch service and great care for my property from the minute I met Tony to the minute Drew gave me the bill. The bill made me smile as well, I knew I was going to have an expensive day but my total for the tow, the parts, labor, and the odds and ends I added to be done, was less than the estimate for just the tie rods at the GM dealer. In the end, this is where you need to take your vehicles for all of your car care needs, these guys are honest, on time, understanding, respectful, caring, and are great at over-delivering on their promises. If I lived in the area I wouldn't take my vehicles anywhere else. Thank you again to the guys at STS!!

Brandon M

What do you want in a mechanic? Trustworthy? Fair price? Good Customer Service? Steve at STS Car Care and Towing delivered all of these things! The guys in the shop were super nice as well and didn't make me feel out of place or uncomfortable. These guys are experienced and fair. I have no worries when I take my car in; I know I am being treated well. They will even pick my car up at my place of business and take it to the shop to services it and then bring it back or if I drop it off they will provide me with a ride to work if I need to leave it. I have had to have my car towed before also and they were prompt, reasonable, and provided me with a ride to my destination. I have been going there for 10 years. 5 stars in my book

Carol J

This shop is a very clean and professional environment. You will not regret going there.

Drew N

STS was great and so was the service. They fixed my truck for a great price!!!! Drew and his crew are awesome!!!! Totally recommend!!!!!

Angelia K.

I love this place because they do good work!

Mr. Tron